Do you know:
  • Revolutionary patented technology

    Chilliburner is revolutionary in this respect! Highly concentrated natural extract from chilli pepper processed by a patented coating technology into microcapsules, where the effective component provides the user with the maximum effect of capsaicin without any irritation of the mouth or digestive system.

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A unique natural preparation made of hot peppers, which enhances weight reduction and is created by using a patented technology into microcapsules which protect the digestive system and oral cavity from irritation. The effect of the product is supported by chicory inulin, which helps control weight and balance digestion and peristalsis.




No time for exercise?

It`s time for Chilliburner!

Let the chillies work instead of you!


  • contributes to weight reduction
  • helps control weight
  • stimulates digestion and metabolism
  • stimulates bowel movement
  • helps to maintain healthy intestinal flora